Important HTML tags (part 2) 🖥

Hello all, here you have part two of Important HTML Tags. If you have not checked the first part yet, I invite you to do it.

What is HTML and why do we need it?

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a standard markup language used to build web pages. You can define the structure of the web page with HTML.

This article will cover the other 5 important HTML tags that are very important and every Developer should know.

1️⃣ HTML <noscript> tag

The HTML <noscript> tag renders the content inside this tag, only when the browser has the JavaScript is disabled.

JavaScript is awesome!

In case of failure this tag provides a fallback option for the components that will stop working in case where JavaScript is disabled.

2️⃣ HTML <figure> tag

This HTML tag allows us to mark up a photo.

The <figure> tag can contain also a secondary tag <figcaption>.

Fig.1 – OPP Programming

3️⃣ Contenteditable attribute

This HTML attribute tells us whether the content of an element is editable or not.

You can edit this paragraph.

4️⃣ HTML <acronym> tag

This tag defines an explanation of a group of words, for example HTML. When you hover the mouse pointer over the text with the <acronym> tag active, a small box will appear with the text that you’ve written within the title tag.


5️⃣ HTML <ins> and <del> tags

As the name says, the tags <ins> shows what has been added to the document with a horizontal underline and <del> shows what has been removed from the document with a strikethrough.

JavaScript is a boring AWESOME programming language.